Trilbys a Coast Tradition

An Introduction To Trilby’s

Trilby inherited her gift for the preparation and service of fine foods from her grandfather, Honore Grenet. As the son of the proprietor of one of the most celebrated Parisian restaurants of the Second Empire, he brought the superb dishes of his youth to the new world. In the years Trilby traveled this country with her father and dined at noted restaurants from coast to coast, she was often in the kitchens charming carefully guarded recipes from reluctant chefs.

More than 35 years ago, Trilby and her husband settled permanently in Ocean Springs where she established the small restaurant that has always been simply called Trilby’s. Into it went her inherent love of fine foods and culinary genius. Prized recipes gathered from far and near pleased an ever-spreading circle of discriminating guests. Many of these dishes are found in the menu you now hold; for they were entrusted to a carefully trained and loyal staff who worked under Trilby’s guidance before her death. The Trilby tradition carries on.

About Trilby’s Food

It is not our intention to serve a large variety of dishes, nor to serve the commonplace in either recipe or quality. There are enough places where those can be had. Many of the specialties you find on this menu are Trilby’s own; prepared and served in a manner that has remained unchanged for over thirty years. Some items may sound more conventional, such as chicken or beef, but you will find a take on a new appeal. The difference starts with the selection of only the best meats and ingredients which are seasoned and prepared with painstaking care and a flair of good cooking that is distinctively Trilby’s.

This simple menu has changed but little over the years. Yet, its selections have invariably pleased diners of wide and discriminating tastes. We intend to keep it so.

If you are our guest for the first time, we hope you enjoy the meal and that no matter when or how often you return, you will always find it the same.